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Our team is dedicated to ensuring each of our members will receive quality healthcare services.

One way we do this is by partnering closely with our network providers and long-term care facilities across the state of Arkansas. We also have a partnership with a local pharmacy team dedicated to helping our members understand and manage their medications. These partnerships allow us to better coordinate the care and services our members receive.

Another way we do this is by facilitating age-appropriate quality measures designated to us by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These quality measures are evidenced-based, and they allow us to identify areas of success as well as areas for improvement. These measures are collected through multiple data sources. Below are examples of some of the important quality measures the Plan tracks to ensure that members receive excellent care.

Preventative Screening, Tests, and Vaccines

  • Breast Cancer Screenings for female members between the ages of 52-74
  • Colon Cancer Screening for all members between the ages of 50-75
  • Annual Flu Vaccine for all members of the health plan regardless of age

Managing Chronic Conditions

  • Diabetes Care Program: applies to members with a diagnosis of Diabetes.
  • Diabetic Eye Exam for members between the ages of 18-75.
  • Kidney function test each year regardless of age.
  • A1C lab test during the year that measures your average blood sugar levels.

We offer a Disease Management Program that focuses on diabetes management and education. Members with diabetes can elect to participate in this program and will receive printed material throughout the year which provides additional education about the condition and ways to help manage it.

We have a dedicated team of nurse case managers available to assist each member in facilitating the care they need. If you would like to reach your case manager call 1-877-372-1033 (TTY 711) and someone will be happy to direct you to a nurse.

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